Friday, March 20, 2009

The Long Awaited Update

The director with a little boy named Judson



The preschool (3 days taught in Chinese, 2 days in English)

Hallway that the older babies stayed in

The others went off to get a massage, and I decided to indulge in some alone time. I'm used to being alone a lot, so this being with some one all the time thing has been a bit odd for me. So...where to start?

Well, Tuesday we went to New Day Foster Home. Amazing place. Very colorful, and totally what a child should be in if they can't be in a foster home. The people there were nice, and the babies were cute. It was a very nice place, about an hour or so outside of Beijing. And that reminds me that I need to "kidnap" some of the others' memory cards for their camera. LOL.

We met a family there who currently lives in Tibet. I was so impressed to discover the kids are quadrilingual in English, Spanish (their dad is Guatemalan), Chinese, and Tibetan. Not a repetoire many kids have.

It was really good experience. We learned a lot, and it was nice to see how some of the kids get to live. Why some are fortunate like this and others aren't isn't ours to know, I suppose, but I'm grateful that some kids get to live like that.

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