Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reese misses Monica :-)

The is Cheryl- the mom.

It is Thursday night at home, and mid-day Friday in China. We are excited that in two more sleeps for us , we will get to see Monica (the usual author of the blog). We have heard wonderful stories about visits with the foster parents (Reese's and Zoe's), and shopping trips to buy supplies. I am sure Monica will elaborate more as soon as she can. Reese is missing Monica , the kitties are missing Monica, and of course, Mom and Dad miss Monica.

In Monica's absence, we have had to resort to drastic measures to pass the time until her return. In the moving of furniture that comes with boredom-related housekeeping(don't get excited, we need to be bored more often, apparently), we found Reese's little fake cell phone that she brought with her from her foster parents.

Here is her "mySpace" style picture Taken with the camera that Monica left us .

Reese started a new preschool today. Early reports are things are going well.

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