Monday, March 30, 2009

Pictures of me from China

Myself, Andrea, Beth, the shop owner, and Melanie, buying strollers for Taiyuan SWI
Showing Reese's pictures to the nannies at the Taiyuan China Care Home
Director Geng of the Taiyuan SWI, Zoe's foster dad, Beth, myself, Andrea, Zoe's foster mom, and Melanie, at Zoe's foster home in Hong Tong
All of us with officials of the Taiyuan SWI in the Director's office, along with Tang Xia (Hannah) from China Care (second from the left)
Gracie and me at New Day Foster Home
Me on the Great Wall at Mutianyu
Beth and myself at the Forbidden City
Melanie, Beth, myself, and Andrea on the Great Wall
Verena, Beth, myself, Melanie, and Andrea with our donations to the Taiyuan SWI (16o pairs of shoes, 160 pairs of socks, 2 strollers, and some other random things)

These were taken by someone else's camera, so I wasn't able to post them immediately in China.

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Girly Girl Mommy said...

Hi! I just found your site of the NHBO link to you on 4.15. I was reading older posts and then saw the picture of you and Gracie- before I read the caption I thought.. That looks like my Gracie- and voila, it is! By MY Gracie I mean we are one of her sponsors (wish I could call her mine for ever!). I was thrilled to see her on your blog. I'll be following you and your adorable sister now that I have found your site.


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