Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Day 5 since laser

She wanted a picture taken with her candy

Reese and her bunny basket.

Hoppy, er, Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you all had a good day.

Reese made an Easter basket at school for the Easter egg hunt she missed at school because of her laser (which she was upset about). They made the "baskets" out of gallon milk jugs and made them into bunnies. Cotton ball fur, whiskers and all. It's really cute. If they did, in fact, have a "hunt", someone apparently collected for her, since she missed school that day (and Friday). So she brought it home today, and she's quite thrilled about her loot.

On Saturday, to make up for the fact she missed the Easter egg hunt at school, Dad took her to an egg hunt at a local church. She collected eggs and had a good time. I didn't stay to watch, or there would pictures, but I had to go get Mom and we went and looked for places that are hiring. It's hard to find a job at 18 with next to no experience. :/

On Sunday, we went to D'ville to see my Mom's side of the family. We ate lunch with them, and visited. We didn't do an egg hunt (and Reese didn't realize that until we'd left) since it was pouring rain (we seem to get rain here almost every Easter). Also, the Easter Bunny treated her well. She woke up several hair decoration gizmos, lip gloss, a plush bunny, and candy, of course. She loved it, she loves hair things. For a while after we got her, you had to fight her to put anything in her hair, and it remained like that for quite some time. Just in the last few months, as she's figured out how to do the ponytails, etc. herself, she loves to do it. You get some really interesting styles. But it's cute.

Anyway, she brought home her basket today from school, and we decided it needed to be blogged. She had laser on Thursday so this is...Day 5? since laser. She's still favoring that leg a little, but it doesn't seem to bother her as much as it did, say Friday.

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Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

She definitely looks like she feels better. I'm glad she got her cute Easter basket and had a good Easter.


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