Friday, April 10, 2009

Reese's 10th Laser

Reese had her 10th laser treatment on her face yesterday. And her 3rd on her right leg. We've also decided it's going to be at least 6 months before we do another laser treatment, because some spots on her are becoming hyperpigmented (not a good thing). So they're going to go 6 months and see if that's faded any. If not, it may be Christmas-ish before we do another.

As expected, Reese didn't want to go to Children's. What kid would? She was also quite unhappy that she couldn't have her sippy cup. Mom forced her to drink about 4 oz. of apple juice, despite the fact she didn't want to, because she knew things would be better if she had at least something in her stomach. Since Reese is 4 now, she's not first in line for procedures any more. So we had to be there at 10 am, procedure at 12. She couldn't have anything to drink after 9 am (sprite, water, or apple juice, up to 8 oz. from midnight to 9 am). We got there at 10:05, and went back at roughly 10:30, and we stayed in the playroom in ambulatory surgery for roughly 30 minutes. We were put in a room at about 11, and started getting Reese into her pajamas that they gave her, along with the no-slip socks they give her that are waaaaay too big. She has little feet, about a size 8, 8.5.

We played around in there as people came in to talk, to take vitals, etc. Standard laser treatment stuff. And of course, Reese had no interest whatsoever in having this laser treatment. Who can blame her, honestly. She knows what's coming. She didn't want Mom to leave her. And we tried to get them to let us be in recovery before she wakes up, but that didn't happen.

They gave her some tylenol before she went back, hoping it would help ease the pain when she came out, and some fentenol (sp?) before she came to. And she still complained of it hurting when she came out. And by complain, I mean screaming 'ow' repeatedly and holding her leg and face. She complained of being hot, but that's not exactly unusual I wouldn't think when you've basically been burned.

After we left the hospital, we went across the river to get Reese's tylenol 3 with codeine for her pain, and then we went to Arby's. Reese didn't want anything from there, but as we went to McDonald's to get her a Happy Meal, she helped me with my curly fries, which she never eats. So yeah, she was hungry. She also ate all 4 of her chicken nuggets.

We've kept her on Tylenol 3 since then, every 3.5- 4 hours, and we'll continue that for another day or so. It may be Monday, or it may be Tuesday, before she returns to school.

Today, she's eaten everything in sight, lol. 2 sippy cups, a big bowl of cereal, 2 popsicles, half a can of chicken noodle soup, a glass of apple juice, and a boiled egg. I think I have a 16 year old little brother, not a 4 year old little sister. :D

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Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

I hope she feels better soon. I'm sure she will be happy to get a 6 month break.


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