Monday, May 11, 2009

Say Hi To...

Molly, Dad's lil' buddy



Nuala (new-lah), Mac (short for McCafferty), Molly, and Keely, my new foster kittens. I have become a foster mom for FuRR (Feline Rescue and Rehome). Nuala, Mac, Molly, and Keely are my first brood. Nuala and Mac are about 6 weeks old, and Molly and Keely are about 5 weeks old. They're the babies of at least two cats in a feral cat colony. But we've basically made them one litter now. :D They play and eat and sleep together (picture a large ball of fur, that's what they look like when they sleep). Molly and Keely are distinctly smaller that Nuala and Mac, but kittens grow in leaps and bounds at this age. I'm going to keep them until they are fixed and have homes.

Mac apparently has some Siamese in him, and it shows. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes, the picture doesn't do them justice. Absolutely gorgeous blue eyes. He's also very rambunctious. I sometimes refer to him as The Mac Truck. When the door to the walk-in closet they're staying in gets opened, he makes a mad dash for the outside world. He's a spry little cat. Not scared at all about what he may be running headlong into. Not necessarily a good thing, but it's cute at this age.

Molly is Dad's lil' buddy. She took a shine to him pretty quickly and has him wrapped around her paw, I think. (But don't tell him that.) She's a cute little thing, named for the Irish lass in the song "Molly Malone". She's also apparently a fierce little bugger. Surprise her, or upset her, and she lets loose the cutest little hiss. I know it's supposed to be scary and intimidated, but it's cute. A rush-exhale of air.

Nuala is the monkey of the group. She loves climbing up the kennel and sleeping on top of it. She also loves playing with ribbon (which she only gets to do when supervised, for safety reasons). She's a creme color with white spots and some black patches (like her tail). Funny enough, though, her tail ends with a mix of white and pale orange, and one of her ears has the same mix on it.

Keely reminds me of E.T. for some reasons. I guess it's the big eyes and the dark fur. She likes to play-wrestle with her litter mates, and then complain (squeak) when the get the better of her. She also seems to be fairly tolerating of Reese. Reese moves too fast and is too loud for the others to really care for her, but Keely took to just sitting between Reese's legs last night, as Reese petted her.

I'm going to start a blog about my adventures in fostering after I get my laptop back, again. Thing has been out of commission for a while now. Sent it in for repairs, they repaired it, had to buy OS recovery discs from HP, got those, and it turns out the CD/DVD-ROM drive they installed (since my old one was acting up) is defective. So I had to send it back in today. *sigh* Oh well, should be home soon.

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