Friday, May 1, 2009

The Reese's New Clothes

Due to the fact Reese has outgrown nearly all of her clothes, we had a Wal-Mart trip today to get her some new duds. Since last summer, she's gone from 3T/4T to a 5T, and basically all she had that fit her properly was more winter stuff. Jeans, velour suits, that kinda thing. Things no one in their right mind wears in the middle of summer except for, well, me. And I never accused myself of any such thing as being sane. :D So, we bought Reese some new summer clothes and a new pair of tennis shoes, which she didn't realize lit up until we got home.

Reese and I did a very good job of picking out clothes. Mom and Dad went to the bathroom at the front of the store, and Reese and I progressed to the little kids clothes department. Along the way we had a discussion along the lines of "If we buy, you're wearing it. If you decide you don't like it're still wearing it." Yeah, we've had some of those issues. And we're trying to nip them in the bud. We had all but 2.5 outfits picked out by the time Mom and Dad got there. I say 2.5 because Mom found one she liked (the pink shirt and denim shorts), and I found a pair of red shorts for her to wear under her red dress (she's 4...being ladylike isn't really a huge priority for her right now. Inchworms are.), and as I found the shorts, she also decided she wanted another pair of shorts like them, but in pink, and we found the spaghetti strap shirt that matched it. But out of 6 outfits, all but 2.5 were picked before Mom and Dad got there from the bathroom. So hey, at least the kid has summer clothes now. Arkansas summers are nothing to laugh about. We have to have air conditioners here. It's not really an option. People die in Arkansas from the heat. So cool summer clothes are something of a necessity. And of course, they must be soft because this is Reese. She only likes soft things.

Reese wanted to try everything on at the store, and we were all, we need food. Tonight. So I promised her she could have a fashion show when we got home, and I would take pictures. So we did. Some of the pictures more just show off the outfit (and Reese's funny definition of "posing"), and others are just what I think are good pictures of her, just good pictures or ones that really show her personality. I personally think this child should model. She loves being in front of the camera. Or at least my camera. She's quite the little narcissist.

Vanity, thy name is Reese. LOL.

Enjoy the slideshow. I decided it was more practical than uploading individual pictures.

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