Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthmark Beauties For Adoption

Okay, so I don't actually know what she looks like, but there's a 6 year old girl on GWCA's (Great Wall China Adoption) individual waiting child list. Her special need is a large hairy nevus. She's described as: This beautiful little girl is described as active and extroverted and has a beautiful singing voice. She is very clever and curious and will ask questions until she is satisfied with the answer she is given. Her favorite activity is to play with jigsaw puzzles.

She's ID 148 on GWCA's list. Not only is she older, but she has a birthmark (hairy nevus tends to black and, as the hairy part mentions, fuzzy, but usually removable to some extent through laser treatments, skin excisions, and skin grafts.), and so I feel compelled to advocate for her. And it's an open list (anyone can look at it), so I don't think sharing will be a problem.

There's also a 10 year old girl with a hemangioma on her wrist, and a 5 year old boy with "post operative right lower limb KT syndrome (deep vein deformity with lymph angeioma)" on CHI's Future Stars List. The boy, I think, has Klippel-Trenauney Syndrome ("KT syndrome"). I could be wrong, but it sounds right. KTS is similar to Sturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS), the syndrome Reese has. It's just more focused on limbs than face, as a general rule.

All 3 of these kids are from China. Check them out!

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