Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Laser Treatment

Her leg on Saturday night (early blistering)

Also, Saturday night

Friday, Reese had her 11th laser treatment on her first, and her 3rd treatment on her left leg (last one on her left leg was last December). They turned up the laser on her face to 13, and on her leg to 11, up one notch on each. Her face was a bit more swollen than usual, but it's her legs that have really been bothering her. With her legs, the laser was turned up and therefore she blistered. We think they'll keep it at 11 for a while, until her legs get used to it. Obviously, the blistering hurts. They actually gave her morphine while in surgery, and 2 more kicks of it in post-op. My mom had to take her to Arkansas Children's Hospital alone, since I had school, and Dad had work. So I think the anasthesiologist really didn't want her to have to deal with Reese's usual post-op reactions, which include screaming, crying, and, of course, pain. Fortunately, things were a lot easier for Mom because of the extra pain meds. She's on tylenol 3 with codeine to help with the pain from the blisters. She's going back to school tomorrow.

These laser treatments help lighten her birthmark, 10 laser treatments later, her birthmark is obviously lighter on her face, particularly around her chin, jaw, and upper forehead. It's slowly breaking up, and some areas will be more stubborn than others, like her eyelids. It's a long road we have ahead of us in the area of laser treatments for her birthmark. Our friend, Stacey, has a daughter with a smaller facial port-wine stain, who has had 13 laser treatments and is now on maintenance. Reese's PWS is appearing to be more persistent, but it is also more extensive, which could have something to do with it. I'm really happy for Stacey and Erin Joy that they will have less of this in their lives now. I know it's really no fun for the kiddos.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Thanks for dropping by... what a happy little girl and that smile is infectious...

Stacey said...

Her leg looks so painful. I have heard that laser on the limbs is more painful than laser on the face...not sure why. I sure hope she recovers quickly.

Kristi said...

I'm thankful for those that are going this road before me so I can learn. Reese looks so happy despite her discomfort!


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