Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Dad took Reese trick or treating this evening. I manned the truck, following them for when they decided they were done. She's got candy, and we're going to get some on sake tomorrow for me, since Mom has decided that at 18 (19 in December), I'm too old to go around begging for candy, even if I do take a cute 5 year old with me. Lol.

Reese was a lion, and I used eyeliner to put whiskers and a nose on her. She's such a cute little lion. The big belly just makes the outfit, lol. And yes, the lion outfit has a tail.

This is also just over a week since she had her laser (a week ago yesterday). Obviously, you can't see her legs, but yeah. She's "shedding", for lack of a more politically correct term. The scabs from her "spots" are coming off, which they haven't done that I remember, previously, on her face. He legs, yes, but not her face. But they did turn the laser up, and her face was more swollen afterwards, so I guess it doesn't really "surprise" me. But she's healing up nicely, off of Tylenol 3 now, and just getting plain ol' Tylenol now and then, when it hurts. Some of the scabs on her leg just came off, and she was complaining of them burning just now, and I offered her Tylenol 3 (since she really seemed to be hurting), and she wanted it, and she HATES the taste of Tylenol 3. I even offered her normal Tylenol ("purple tylenol") which she LOVES and she still took the icky Tylenol 3 over her yummy normal Tylenol. She understands the T3 works better than the normal Tylenol on big owies. But overall, she's doing well in the healing process, I believe.

Happy Halloween!

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Stacey said...

What a cute lion! I love her smile. She is so precious.


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