Monday, November 30, 2009

Pre-K Thanksgiving Party

After the party, in her class. ((Yay for uniforms. Reese is very opinionated.)

Dressed up as a pilgrim...
Last Tuesday (the last day of school for Reese before Thanksgiving break), Reese's school had a Thanksgiving party. K4 kids were pilgrims (though I think Reese was the only "genuine" pilgrim), K3 were Indians. They made outfits and each of the 7 classes made different foods. One made pumpkin pie, another made fruit cups, Reese's class made vegetable soup. One class made homemade butter. I went and helped them set up and dole out food.

She has the most awesome Pre-K teacher, Mrs. W. She's absolutely brilliant and an awesome teacher. Reese loves her and we love her. She's the protege of the teacher we really wanted Reese to have at a different Early Childhood Center. But we are more than happy with Mrs. W. She's awesome.

Also, Mom and Reese went over to Memphis, TN, last Monday to visit with Reese's eye doctor (the person she'll have to see if she ever needs eye surgery for her glaucoma for whatever reason) to get her pressure checked, or to at least see if they could check it without her being under anasthesia. Fortunately, Reese was awesome and they were able to check it. Her pressure in her left eye was 16, in her right (her eye with glaucoma) it was 24. Normal is between 10 and 20. So even her "bad" eye wasn't too far off. However, as we've known for a while, she has incredibly limited eye sight in her right eye due to her pressures being so high in her early life. She has light recognition in that eye, that's it. But she has 20/20 in her left eye, so no need for glasses! Yay! (Since Reese would never wear the ones the opthalmologist here prescribed for her.) They're going back in I think about 3 months to check it again.

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