Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reese and our cousin, Caroline, who will be 2 in February

Mom and Dad

Our brother, Scott, Reese, and Mom
Scott and Reese

Dad, Reese, and me

We had Thanksgiving up at D-ville with my mom's side of the family. Scott and his fiancee, Meaghan were there, so was Papa Jim and Granny Barb, Jill, Dixie and her husband, Scott; Granny and Papa, Granny Edith, and Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jeff and Caroline. I think that was everybody.

We had lots of good food and a good time, and while it was windy, it wasn't too terribly cold, thank God. Reese bounced on the trampoline a lot (she loves trampolines), and I bounced some, too.

I know it's been a while since I posted, I've been a bad blogger. ;D Life has just been really busy. I'm finishing up my first semester in college (there's gotta be a t-shirt for that somewhere), and finals are next week, and some of my classes have tests this week, and/or early next week. I have my last college algebra test Friday, and my final exam next Tuesday. I have a cultural anthropology test Monday, and the final is next Friday. (Anthropology is my major.) Only 2 more Honors Composition classes. Have to turn in my final paper tomorrow and do a presentation either tomorrow or Thursday and then I am done! Need to find out when my other 2 classes (Chinese 1 and Intro to Psychology) are having their exams. I get to register for Spring 2010 classes tomorrow, which is a little technical because I'm hoping to get into my college's Scholars' Program, which has a separate core from the standard one. The only thing that remains the same is you have to take your math core class, an American history or American national government class, and foreign language (for your study abroad experience). So I'm trying not to take anything that won't count for that, if I get in. So as of tonight, I'm going for Chinese 2, Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations, Physical Anthropology, American History since 1877, and Intro to Gender Studies. The first 4 classes will all account for either my major or my core requirements, whether or not I get into the scholars program.

Anyway, hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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