Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

A page in the Legacy of the Cat book, detailing all possible eye colors in cats.

Reese and I with our Zhu Zhu Hamsters


Happy for band-aids

Christmas morning is, like in many places, a lot of fun around here. Santa comes and brings goodies. Like the Band-Aids Reese so coveted (she LOVES band-aids), in fact, he brought us each a box of Hello Kitty band-aids (cause Hello Kitty rocks!), and Reese a box of Hannah Montana ones as well. Along with a tube of hair accessories, a set of Hello Kitty barrettes and a Hello Kitty compact that can fold into a brush, a toy cell phone, and lip gloss, among other things. And under the tree, from various folks ranging from Santa to Mom and Dad to me, was presents galore: a new Leapster 2 (since she drowned her last one that she got for her birthday. It still starts but the touch screen feature no longer works.), the pair of skates she's been so coveting for quite some time, a Play-Doh set, a Ni Hao, Kai-Lan goes to China DVD, and several other things. I got a point and shoot camera (a Canon Powershot) that shoots video as well, so I don't always have to drag out the big dog for pictures, a blanket, and a book called the Legacy of the Cat from Reese, which is just awesome thus far. It's a book detailing the genetics and regulations of various breeds of cats. And I love cats.

And we each got one of the coveted Zhu Zhu Hamsters. She got Chunk (white), I got Winkie (black and white). They're uber fun, I totally recommend them. I want one of the wheels for them. :D

For lunch, we went and ate at Fu Lin, an awesome Chinese place in town, with some friends. I got Reese into an absolutely gorgeous Chinese dress I got for her in Pingyao in March. I never expected it to still fit, though she'd never tried it on before. I got it on her without undoing the zipper I didn't realize was there. It's a gorgeous, absolutely soft silk dress with a print on it that, I am told, is special to Shanxi province. She looked so grown up, it was crazy. Like looking 15 years into the future. Go figure, since the dress is a size 10. I didn't expect it to fit because she's wearing 5's now in US sizes. However, it does bring up the fact we might need to get more size 10's, since that's the only one she has right now (another one she had in light pink, managed to get a sharpie laid down on it and has a rather large black spot on it >.>). I apparently need to go back to China, since she only has up to a size 14. She has a fuschia pant set in an 8, the one dress in a 10, 2 in a 12, and 2 in a 14 (in teal, gold, dark blue, and hot pink, in varying prints).
Our sisters and aunt and grandmother also came over for dinner that evening. It was fun, food was great, and the kids ran around having fun. I'll post pictures from that in another post.

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