Thursday, December 17, 2009

December Birthday Party

Reese and Caroline. Reese loves babies (although Caroline's nearly 2).

The group blowing out candles. Scott, Granny Barb, Mom, Uncle Jeff, Papa T., Aunt Mandy, Lacey, Me and Caroline, and Reese (who wanted to help blow out candles). Papa Jim should in there somewhere, but apparently made it out of the frame...

Mom and her brother, Uncle Jeff

Reese and her current "pose"

Every year, we have a birthday party for all the December birthdays in our family, since they are numerous. This is a party just for my mom's side of the family, there's a couple others on my dad's side as well. My brother's the 15th, my mom is the 17th (Happy Birthday, Mom!), my uncle's is the 12th, my great-grandfather is the 14th, and I'm the 20th. We also kind of celebrated January and February this year, too. My aunt is born on the 31st, my other aunt is also born in January, and my Papa Jim is born on Feb. 1, and Caroline is February 28th. And Granny Barb is born somewhere in there, too. So yeah, kinda a load. Anyway, it was good time for fun and food up in D-ville.

Happy birthday, everyone!

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