Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dillon Christmas Party

Anna-Marie, Reese, and Savannah

Our local FCC paired up with Dillon International for our annual Christmas party, merging the two events, since a lot of our families are Dillon families. It was a fun party. I was official photographer, so I didn't get to do a whole lot other than take pictures, but I got some cute shots of Reese. She had a great time playing with the other kids and stalking Santa. And she looked so cute in her new dress! We also used Dermablend make up (honey beige leg & body is what we use) to cover up her birthmark. Not because we care if it can be seen, we don't, but sometimes she likes to put it on. It makes her feel "big" having on foundation. It's amazing what it can do to cover up her birthmark.

Reese loved Santa. I think last year she was scared of him. If I remember right, we wanted to get her picture taken with Santa at the mall, and she would have none of it. This year she was right on him, it was so funny.


Charlotte said...

Nothing wrong with wanting to look like everyone else. It looks good, I was just gonna comment on how well the laser surgery has been. It blends right in, never would have known. Such a beauty !

Startup Wife said...

Stumbled on your blog. Reese is lovely! That black dress is just precious on her.


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