Friday, August 13, 2010

Memphis Zoo

African Penguins
The entrance to the Memphis Zoo
Reese in the aquarium (yay air conditioning!)
Reese peering at the sheep
Reese and the sheep
Ya Ya the Panda
Wolf. I love this picture, turned out pretty well, I feel...
Inscription in the area where the polar bears were housed... So true.
Reese and Le Le the Panda
Reese: "Hello, Chicken!"
We went to the Memphis Zoo, in Tennessee, on Wednesday. It was hot, but a lot of fun. Sadly, a lot of them animals opted for their cooler inside enclosures (not that I can blame them), so several of them were essentially invisible. Most of the ones that were outside were basically completely still. Once again, not that I can blame them, since it was over 100* Farenheit in Memphis that day. But it was cool to see all the animals. It was kind of funny, because the first time we went to see the pandas at Memphis Zoo, it was (I believe) May 23, 2004. Just under 5 months before Reese was born, and almost 3 years to the date before we left to go get her from China (we left May 24, 2007). Also humourous, is that Reese was called Le Le in China (double happiness), which is the name of the female panda at Memphis Zoo.

We were in Memphis because Reese had an eye doctor appointment at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. They checked her pressure to see how it's doing. It was around 23 in her glaucoma eye (normal is 10-20), so not horribly bad. They weren't really able to get a good reading from her good eye (not that I can really blame her- seeing something coming at you like that...) We go back in 2-3 months to get another reading and see how it is doing.

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