Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Purple Cow

Reese, Joseph, and I went to a local restaurant today, The Purple Cow. They have these good purple vanilla milkshakes. That's really the only reason we ever go, is for the milkshakes. But Reese enjoys it because "they have purple milkshakes, and coloring sheets, and if you finish your picture, they'll hang it up." Yeah, the place is pretty kid-friendly. The first time I took Reese there, over a year ago I'd guess, she spilled her milkshake all down the booth seat. I was mortified, and the sweet bus boy was just like 'it happens all the time, we'll take care of it." Insert older sister sigh of relief here.

Reese had been wanting to go to Purple Cow for a while, so I finally indulged her today. She was pretty good, all things considered.

This afternoon, Mom and Dad took Reese to sign up for kindergarten. Can you believe Reesey is going into kindergarten? It just doesn't seem real that she should be that old. She'll be 6 in October.

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