Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Rock Air Show

Reese in a helicopter
Waiting in line to go in the cockpit of the C-130
In the cockpit
In a fire truck. She loves fire trucks.
In a little camo (sort of) hut
The Thunderbirds

A few weekends ago (October 9, I believe), we went to the local airshow at the Little Rock Air Force Base. It was the first one since the one I went to in 10th grade (I'm a sophomore in college now), which was the first one I went to. Reese had fun, she toured some random airplane type things, and enjoyed watching the Thunderbirds.

She had her laser treatment a bit over a week ago. Her legs still look horrible, but the scabs are off of her face, at least. They ended up giving her 4.5 mg of morphine for the pain, between the time in the OR and post-op. :O I don't know how people, and doctors, can claim doing this doesn't hurt much. It sure hurts Reese. They started to try a new laser on her, but she began blistering almost instantaneously, so they went back to the old one.

They're also putting off doing further treatments on her legs for a few years, since she's reacting so badly to it. Mom and I have a theory that part of the reason she's reacting badly is because she's so tanned on her legs. She hates wearing pants, so yeah...

Also, prior to surgery...we managed to get an anasthesiologist who doesn't like the parents coming back to the OR with the kids. We've always done this since we discovered you could, it just makes it so much less stressful on Reese that Mom can carry her back to the OR and hold her until she's knocked out. Well, Mom was having none of that. As many of you mommies don't mess with Mommy. Mom threatened to leave if they didn't allow her to carry her back, since we've done it EVERY time before. And the worse part is...they did this whole thing in front of Reese, stressing her out. *eye roll* sheesh...

But she's acting mostly normal now. So it's all good. :)

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