Thursday, October 14, 2010

Laser Tomorrow at ACH

Tomorrow Reese will be having another laser treatment at ACH. I know I SHOULD know how many this makes, but I don't. I just trust each time I go in that they will alternate legs, be generous with the pain relief, and hopefully be running on schedule.

I appreciate being allowed to walk her back to the OR. I wonder how many parents do this? We didn't the first time (because we didn't know it was an option), but I made the point of "we're going to be here a lot-how can we make this the best experience for Reese?" It's hard to feel her go limp in my arms, but easier than watching her teary, screaming face as she disappears down the hall. Monica thinks its quite comical that I put on my "bunny suit" (aka the "chicken-house inspector suit") to walk down a hall. Yeah... it's a Kodak moment :-)

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