Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reese's Birthday Party

Opening presents...
As some of you may know, Reese will be 6 (SIX!!!) in just 6 days. We had her party (she'll have a family party on her birthday) with her friends on Saturday at the biggest local gymnastics place. Some of you may remember she had her party there 2 years ago. A great time was had by all, I believe. This time, Reesey has had gymnastics training there for about 1.5 months prior, so she was familiar with the layout of everything. She received cute gifts, including a bead set, 2 necklaces, a Rubik's Cube, a MilkMixer, a Sort-o-Matic change sorter, a crystal growing kit, fake nails (a personal fave of her's), a black wig with CURLS (her obsession seeing as Joseph and I both have black hair with curls- she has the cutest crush on my fiance), little rainbow colored braid hair extensions, a Chixo's kit, and so much more. Forgive me if I have forgotten to list your present on here. They were all adorable, and she loves them all so much.

A special thanks to everyone who attended: Bryan, Kim, Anna-Marie, and Savannah; Kammy and Mari-Grace; Charlotte, Riley, Raeghan, and Rachael; Karyn, Whit, and Kaleigh; two of Reese's classmates at school who, I'll be honest, I have no idea what their names are; Grandma Debbie; and Grandma. And of course, Mom, Dad, Joseph, and I. I think that's everybody who came.

And simply because it's kind of nifty to see: Reese throughout the years!!

Reese's 1st birthday, in China. October 2005

Reese's 2nd birthday, in China. October 2006.  

Reese's 3rd birthday, and her first at home. October 2007.

Reese's 4th birthday, October 2008.

Reese's 5h birthday, October 2009.

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Gloria said...

She is so cute, so wonderful! I love seeing the sequence of pix.


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