Friday, October 8, 2010

Reese is SIX!

Opening her iPod
All tuned in...
Reese turned SIX today. That is just completely baffling. She's in kindergarten (which recently quit giving naps- and yes, that is about as much fun as it sounds. She's completely exhausted in the evenings.), she's lost teeth. She weighs more than 25 lbs more than she did when we got her and is only God knows how much taller. She's gone from a size 5 shoe, to a 10 (she has small feet). From some odd mix of 18 mos, 24 mos, and 2T to 6/6X and 6/7. She speaks English better than a great deal of the kids her age I hear at school. And it is just genuinely baffling to me that she could possibly be SIX.

She got presents from us all at her birthday party last Saturday, but for her REAL birthday, Mom bought her a silver iPod shuffle with her name engraved on the back. I kidnapped it out of its packaging a few days ago and uploading music off of Mom's iTunes onto it, so it would be ready to go when she pulled it out. It has a wide variety of her favorites, ranging from: Adam Lambert to Taylor Swift, Veggie Tales to Ke$ha, Chinese folk songs and more. I need to upload some Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus to Mom's iTunes to stick them on there. I bought Reese a $15 iTunes gift card to add some of tunes of her own selection to the song selection. She was pretty excited.

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