Friday, December 10, 2010

The Reese's New Coat

We bought Reese a new "heavy" coat today. She said yesterday her teacher said she needed one. She didn't have a "heavy" coat for this year, because she won't wear them. So we haven't bought her one this year. We usually buy one, and it gets worn maybe once or twice under extreme duress. The child doesn't get cold. She's the most hot natured person I've ever met. Case in point: she ran outside this afternoon (while the coat was still new and therefore has to be worn constantly) in a coat and a skirt. *eye roll* We have a theory it's because she grew up in Beijing and Taiyuan, all in the northern part of China, and therefore developed some insensitivity to the cold or something. Probably a completely invalid theory, but hey.

Yesterday's conversation:
Reese: My teacher says I need a heavy coat because it's cold.
Me: But you won't wear a heavy coat.
Reese: Yes, I will.
Me: You never have.
Reese: But I will.

Okay, so we're going with peer pressure leading her into warmer (i.e. more appropriate for 30-40 degree weather) than her hoodie. Anyway, we found a cute coat and gloves at Wal*Mart, and we decided to take a chance on the fact she would like it. If not...we still had the receipt and could take it back. But she liked it! Every now and then, we buy her something and she loves it, other times, it is a complete fail and she refuses to wear it. You never know. She's notoriously picky about what she wears (some kind of sensory thing? I don't know. It's particularly bad with socks, shoes, and pants, which all go over the birthmark on her legs).

But here she is, adorable in her new, "heavy", purple coat. And quite thrilled about it apparently. This is a distinctly Reese pose, classic Reese, and repeated often.

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Carly said...

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