Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Our Christmas Tree

Reese and one of the dogs at the Tree Farm

Chasing Joseph through the trees

Playing with one of the sticks used to make sure the trees grow straight up

Kicking the stick (yes, we made sure there was no one nearby for it to hit)
We still haven't put it up, but we got it on Saturday, which was probably the last day of decent weather we'll see for a while (got up to about 60 degrees). So Dad, Reese, Joseph, and I headed out to the same place my family has gone to get Christmas trees for about 20 years. We go and hunt down and cut down our own tree (sounds really serious doesn't it?).

Joseph cut down a tree for the first time, which I'm sure Dad was thrilled about because it meant he didn't have to stay on the ground any longer than to make sure the tree would work. All of this was, of course, after a game of chase between Reese and Joseph while Dad and I looked for a good tree. And after them finding sticks and Joseph throwing them into the ground and Reese kicking them over. I'd say a good time was had by all. And for once it wasn't freezing. Not bad for December 11, really. Pretty nice.

So we got our tree, and eventually we'll get around to putting it up and decorating it. :)

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