Friday, April 15, 2011

Laser Treatment

Reese had another laser treatment this morning. According to my mom, the first 30 minutes after she came out from under anasthesia were hell. They didn't give her morphine while in the OR this time (they did last time), so she was in a fair bit of pain afterward. So this is pretty much the face of pitiful. I think this is something like her 14th laser treatment on her face.

Seeing as she's 6 now, I won't be taking pictures simply for updates' sake. If I happen to take a picture of her for other reasons, and post it, that's one thing, but she gets kind of self-conscious after her laser treatments. Understandably. It's rough for her, and little kids tend to ask questions, at best.

If you have a child with a birthmark, or are thinking of adopting a child with a birthmark, I am more than happy to speak with you. We've had Reese for almost 4 years now, so we're not exactly newbies to the whole thing. :) Most of her older laser treatments have pretty regular pictures showing how she healed up afterward. Keeping in mind that all children heal differently, those pictures are available as a resource. Also keeping in mind that her legs usually reacted really badly to laser, and that's not standard. However, if you have a child who is not Caucasian, I believe that possibility goes up for blistering and somewhat adverse reactions, as well as less lightening. The melanin reacts with the lasers in ways so that it doesn't always work quite so well as it does on paler children.  These lasers are technically made for Caucasian people, not those who are darker, but it's what we've got.

Last night, we also had a good amount of bad weather. Lots of power lines down, lots of trees down, and currently 7 fatalities in our state, all except one from trees falling on houses. The last one was a double-wide trailer that flipped over. We're all fine, as is all of our family. Bad weather and tornadoes are extremely commonplace in Arkansas at this time of the year. So, yeah, lots of excitement for the next 5-6 months or so.

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