Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rain, rain, go away

It has rained a ton over the last few days/weeks, and we've had tornadoes. The ground is completely saturated, and today and tonight, we have a 90% chance of rain, and tomorrow an 80% chance. But my backyard is a pond at the moment. To give you guys who don't live around central Arkansas an idea of what's going on, here are some of my friend's Facebook statuses:

"My poor neighbors had to park their cars at my house and bring the boat out so they can get out if they need to. Sucks to live in the flood plain like they do... but glad my house is at the top of the hill!"

"We're hearing reports that several areas have been affected by flooding. Those include 67/167 from Jacksonville to Cabot, Highway 10 west of the LR city limit, Boyle Park and portions of Jacksonville." -a local radio station

"PET EMERGENCY:The arena where the tornado rescue dogs are being kept is taking on water fast. We are needing people with trucks or trailers to come to the Wal-Mart on Harkrider in Conway. They are donating approx 100 pallets so that we can get the dog crates off the ground." -Joey the Garden Cat 

"Lovely, they won't let you out of Cabot because it's flooded all around."

"has gotta get back into Jonesboro come hell or HIGH WATER."

"FYI - Pinnacle Mountain State Park is currently closed due to limited access caused by flooding."

Anyway, you get the idea...!/photo.php?fbid=10150231637658554&set=a.88702903553.101952.68455493553&type=1&theater 

Here's a picture that might pull up, I'm not sure. This isn't close to us, but here's the caption" 67/167 between Cabot and Jacksonville closed. Both South and Northbound. Access road on west side of 67/167 is closed also."

When I get a cord to connect my CF card reader to my computer, I'll post pictures from Easter. :)

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