Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kaleigh's Birthday Party

 Reese can do the splits now
 Joseph took these pictures with his video camera at Kaleigh's party

Given that it has been really hot here lately, going swimming was awesome. The water was an awesome temperature. The pool was shaded so it wasn't in direct sunlight (awesome when you burn as quickly as I do). Kaleigh turned 6, and she had a spiderman cake.

Reese loves to swim, and there was a 3 foot section, so she was pretty much free to do as she pleased in that area. Joseph and I ventured to the 9 foot section some, and frequented the 5 foot. There was also a slide, which was just tons of fun. I went down it, Joseph went down it, Reese refused to because the kid is afraid of her face getting in the water. So she missed out on the fun because her head *might* have gone underwater for half a second when she was in her life jacket.

We're homeschooling Reese this fall, and she's going to a homeschool program on Mondays not far from where we live. So her school starts back on August 1. Joseph, Mom, and I return on August 18. Reese is going into 1st grade. Her reading is amazingly good, and she's recently taken to drawing quite a bit. Her last 2 pieces have been renditions of the same parrot. No idea why she picked a parrot, but she did. I'm starting my junior year of college, and beginning to think about what I want to do with my life as far as jobs and grad school. I honestly have no idea. Adoption seems like a flooded field, and I'm not sure I want to be a professor. I'm somewhat looking at perhaps working at a library at the moment. I worked at one when I was 16, and I enjoyed it. I love books, and I love the usually calm setting of a library. Maybe I could even have a library one day that had a library cat. :)

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