Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reese's 7th Birthday

Reese being a pain about blowing out her candles (read: not trying)

Mom showing off Reese's present, since Reese refused.

Yes, this post is about a week late. Reese turned 7 on October 8.

Reese was less than cooperative in the picture area this year on her birthday. For her actual birthday, we kept it simple. Cake and opening her present. Earlier in the week, Joseph and I had taken her to the Taylor Swift concert in town as our gift to her for her 7th birthday. But she got a Fijit and accessories from Mom and Dad on her birthday. Our big girl is now 7. That's 4 birthdays at home.

She's having a birthday party with friends next weekend, so hopefully I can get some better pictures then. She just wasn't being helpful in that area.

Happy birthday, Reese!

As for the lack of posting, it's been busy with wedding planning around here. Also, around the beginning of September, my fiance and I moved out of my parents' house into an apartment, so I'm not around Reese a lot any more either. So less opportunities for pictures as well. 

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