Thursday, August 30, 2012

Have I mentioned how excited Reese is to be getting a little sister? She is full of questions: "WHEN can we go get her?" "Will she like me?" "What if she is allergic to cats? Will she have to sleep outside if she is allergic to cats?" (Answers:sometime next year, of course she will like you, allergy medicine, and NO!she is not sleeping outside!) Cracks me up!

Reese will have a busy fall. She just had eye surgery a few weeks ago. She will have another when we get back from visiting our friend Karyn at MD Anderson in Houston, on September 17th. This surgery will be to fix her trebecu..., trabecu...the little drain in her eyeball they did in China. It has scar tissue. When she recovers from that, laser on the birthmark in October.

I am hoping my overtime at work is not about to dry up and go away. Looking at a couple of fundraisers, regardless. Any suggestions? Don't tell James, but there will probably be a big yard sale again next April. Those are fighting words in this house. This time, though, I will have Goodwill set to come get the leftovers. Meanwhile, going over every inch of the budget and spending, cutting out wasteful stuff ("turn that thermostat up!", "turn those lights off!", "you can live without that!", and "unplug that stuff if you aren't using it! I am trying to finance a trip to China here!!". Seeing that sweet little face in person will be so worth it! Hang on Ana-Cherie! Mama's coming to get you!

*Monica is doing a puzzle-piece fundraiser. $5/piece-----Information in earlier post. Thanks for your help and encouragement!

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