Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another picture of Ana-Cherie

This isn't a new picture of Ana-Cherie, for us anyway, but it's new for you guys. This, like the other picture I posted, is from an update to her file from early this year, if I remember right.

I'm personally on a hunt for a Rainbow Brite doll like the one pictured here. Her file says she loves dolls, so honestly any doll would probably do, but since it's a Rainbow Brite doll in her pictures, I would love to get my hands on one. Apparently, they don't make them any more, so I'm scavenging eBay. I've got some time to lay hands on one though.

We've heard that the orphanage she is in is a really nice place, and that the people who work there really love the children. We've also heard that, odd as this is, we go to the orphanage to pick up Ana-Cherie! So we'll get to see where she lived and all. Which is super cool, since that's not the way most places do it. It's probably a perk to them doing so few adoptions in this province, and it being the orphanage in the capitol city.  Reese's orphanage was the capitol city orphanage in Shanxi (Taiyuan), and I didn't see it until 2009 when I went back to China. And we weren't allowed to take pictures in the areas where the kids actually were. Just outside and in the Director's office.

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