Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lost Children of the Coal

This mini-documentary (22 minutes long) takes place in the province Reese is from. Jinzhong, where this is filmed, is southeast of Taiyuan (where Reese is from). Shanxi is a province where most, if not all, of the children abandoned are left with birth defects. The cause of the abandonment may not be that they have special needs, but most of them do have special needs. This is most likely largely due to the pollution found in Shanxi province, one of the most polluted places in the world due to the coal mining and burning there. This is about a lady called Mama Kong, who has taken in a total of 31 abandoned children and adopted them as her own, getting them identity papers and such so they can go to school and get jobs, as well as working with NGOs to get the children the surgeries they need.

Also, a special HI! to all of the readers coming over from No Hands But Ours.

We are working on collecting our child abuse clearances and getting birth certificates and marriage licenses and all for our home study (and the dossier for China). Mom is also working on the autobiographies for she and dad. We're also calculating costs and time frames for everything we have to have done.

We will ultimately have to file an I-800A with the USCIS= $720.
Fingerprints for everyone over 18: $85 each (x4)= $340

And yeah, it just goes uphill from there. International adoption is expensive, but worth it.

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