Monday, September 10, 2012

Some more shots of Ana-Cherie

From 2011

This one is from Feb 2012. It's a picture from another family's little girl's birthday party. Their little girl came home about 7 weeks ago.
Ana-Cherie is just too cute. :)

We're planning on sending in the paperwork and payment for our homestudy this week, so we can get going on that. Sadly, we don't get to use the same social worker we used with Reese, as the agency she works with isn't Hague-accredited. We really liked her, too. Hopefully, we'll like this new social worker too. We're also working on getting various documents in hand for the dossier (like my mom's birth certificate, which we have to get from Texas).

Sitting here looking at her bangs in the second picture, I can't help but wonder if her hair grows at different paces, if she's that hard to cut hair for, if the person who cut it is that unable to do a straight line, or if she somehow got a hold of the scissors (given the random chunks missing). The orphanage has definitely taught her how to do the Victory sign, or at least a variant on it, because basically all of the group pictures she's in, she's doing it. It's cute, and fairly popular in China as I understand. Given that she'll be 5 in January, I guess I should probably be brushing up on my Mandarin. :)


Karla said...

These are great photos!

Liz said...


My name is Liz and I am a parent to two little boys from China. I am so excited that you are adopting Ana Cherie(is that her name?). We also were reviewing her file but let things fall to the wayside because of other life circumstances. I am so excited to follow your journey to her. She is beautiful and looks very happy.



Monica said...


Thanks so much for the comment!

It's so nice to know there were other people who were looking at her file. Between the birthmark, and her seizure, placing her could have been difficult, and was, I suppose, as we waited until just shortly before CHI was due to put her file back on the Shared List before we put in for PA and waivers (we wanted to make sure there wasn't a family out there who wouldn't need waivers and had been planning an adoption and just needed to find her). But I guess it turns out we were the family we were looking for! :)

And yes, Ana-Cherie is what we are calling her. :)



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