Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday Party Pictures

Reese in her Halloween costume before her party

Dad, Mom, and Reese

Reese, me, and Mom

Reese with her cupcake with 8 candles on top (she doesn't like icing, so she added whipped cream after the candles were off)

Reese turned 8 on October 8, but we had her birthday party October 27 at a local pizza place. Given the proximity to Halloween, we told the kids who were invited they could dress up. Reese is being a leopard for Halloween, so she donned her costume purchased the night prior and drew on whiskers and it is just about the most cute thing I've seen. Some of you may remember Reese as a pink leopard back in 2007 for Halloween.
Reese, Halloween 2007

She had a good time with her friends and got some fun presents including a Boogie Board, a diary with a pen with invisible ink, a Target gift card, money, some iTunes gift cards, some cute clothes from Old Navy, and lotion and body wash from Bath and Body Works.

And here's a flashback through the years!

Reese 1st birthday (in China)

Reese's 2nd birthday (in China)
Reese's 3rd birthday (first home!)

Reese's 4th birthday party

5th birthday

6th birthday

7th birthday

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Kristi said...

Happy belated birthday Reese! It looks like you were well celebrated!
(and it made me smile that Reese and my Caleb share a birthday!)


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