Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tube-Shunt Surgery and The Tupperware Fundraiser Success

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Tupperware fundraiser, we raised $235.60 towards our adoption of this cutie pictured above. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We really really appreciate your support.

In other news, Reese is scheduled for another surgery on November 7. The new oral medicine for her glaucoma that we were trying didn't bring her pressure down any. Her pressure was 44 at the visit on Wednesday. We're fortunate that the elevated pressure isn't causing her pain, she doesn't complain about it at all, but it being so high is damaging to the little vision she has in that eye. So surgery it is. They'll be inserting a Seton tube-shunt. She'll be restricted to limited physical activity for about 2 weeks, which sadly means she will have to miss the River Valley Feis on November 10. But she should be able to compete at Oireachtas. As with any medical condition, some times things have to be done differently than hoped for.

They'll insert the tube-shunt and her eye will be patched for a while (not sure exactly how long). But this should bring her pressure down to the normal area, and hopefully it will be the last surgery she has to have for her glaucoma for a while, years hopefully. We're also hoping that, given how high her pressure is, that it doesn't cause her too much pain when the pressure drops. The doctor told us that the sudden, vast drop can sometimes cause inflammation in the eye which can cause pain. We're hoping this isn't the case. We're really hoping that this procedure can be as painless as possible, especially after her last bad experience with eye surgery.

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