Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tupperware Fundraiser

Ana-Cherie in May 2011- she's the one in the light blue jacket on the front row
Our first homestudy visit is planned for Oct 28. Progress!

We are also starting another fundraiser to help bring home Ana-Cherie. We're having a Tupperware fundraiser! Completely online, so everything will be shipped straight to the person who ordered it. The fundraiser will run from Oct 12-Oct 26. 40% of proceeds go to help bring Ana-Cherie home, to help us cover agency costs and the other fees that come with an adoption. This is a great fundraiser, with a quality product, and as soon as I have a link for people to order from, I will post it here. I do however have a Facebook event for this you can check out. Thanks in advance for your support!

EDIT: The fundraiser is open NOW. It still runs through the 26th. China-Bound for Ana-Cherie

Also, tomorrow is Reese's 8th birthday. Yes, that sweet girl we adopted 5 years ago will be 8. I plan to add pictures of her tomorrow in honor of her birthday. :)

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