Friday, September 28, 2012

Shots of Ana-Cherie

Ana-Cherie is the one in the red in the middle holding the banana.

Ana-Cherie is on the left being held by a man, in a pink and white outfit.

I found these on the Chinese version of Google (baidu). They're from like news articles and such. I don't have dates on them, but just looking at them, I would guess the bottom is probably from 2010, and the top from Chinese New Year 2011.

We are currently gathering documents and police clearances and birth certificates and all for both the home study and the dossier, ultimately. Sometimes, my mom feels like she's drowning in paperwork, which I think most adoptive parents can relate to. It's a lot of filling things out, answering questions, dotting your i's and crossing your t's. And on a time limit. We have to be DTC by February 21, 2013.

Reese is recovering well from her eye surgery. She's off of her glaucoma drops for a bit long, I believe, while we're applying some antibiotic cream to her eye, to keep the stitch from irritating her too badly. It hurt her for several days, and she'd ask off and on for pain medicine. Seems to be doing much better now though. Hopefully it will be her last eye surgery for a while.

Our puzzle fundraiser is ongoing. For $5, you can buy a puzzle piece (easiest way is via the chip in on the right side bar). Your name will be written on the puzzle piece and when put together, the puzzle will be put in a frame with glass on both sides, so Ana-Cherie can see everyone's name who cared so much about her they wanted to help get her home. Thanks to everyone for your support!

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