Monday, November 12, 2012

Some items that will be in our silent auction

Eventually, not sure of the dates at the moment, we will be having an online silent auction that I hope all of you will check out. I will, of course, post a link when we get to that point. But I wanted to share some of the items that will be available at that time.

This lovely book was donated by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. This books retails for between $20 and $30.

"Tired of genetically modified food every day, Americans are moving more toward eating natural, locally grown food that is free of pesticides and preservatives—and there is no better way to ensure this than to grow it yourself. Anyone can start a garden, whether in a backyard or on a city rooftop; but what they need to truly succeed is The Heirloom Life Gardener, a comprehensive guide to cultivating heirloom vegetables.

In this invaluable resource, Jere and Emilee Gettle, cofounders of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, offer a wealth of knowledge to every kind of gardener—experienced pros and novices alike. In his friendly voice, complemented by gorgeous photographs, Jere gives planting, growing, harvesting, and seed saving tips. In addition, an extensive A to Z Growing Guide includes amazing heirloom varieties that many people have never even seen. From seed collecting to the history of seed varieties and name origins, Jere takes you far beyond the heirloom tomato. This is the first book of its kind that is not only a guide to growing beautiful and delicious vegetables, but also a way to join the movement of people who long for real food and a truer way of living."

We also have a copy of The Crockin' Girls: Slow Cookin' Companion, donated by The Crockin' Girls. It retails for $32.95.
"The hardcover book has almost 400 pages of delicious, simple recipes and beautiful photographs, featuring dishes that range from tasty appetizers to family-filling main dishes and delightful desserts. All the ideas you need to prepare nutritious, time-saving, people-pleasing meals."

I also have 5 (I think it's 5) adorable hairbands from A Beau Ideal. I'll have to figure out the exact retail value of that. But they are so cute.

I also have a copy of A Home for Harley, by myself. It retails for $10.

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