Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update and Oireachtas

Reese and Daddy

Reese with hot chocolate (one of her favorites)
Reese by the Christmas decorations at Chris' wedding

Stretching before Oireachtas

With her participation patch

With her 8-Hand group. They placed 17th!

We've had a lot going on in the last few weeks. Reese's pressure has been consistently staying down since her surgery. She was cleared to go back to dance 2 weeks post-op. We had another meeting with our social worker for the home study. And on November 27, Joseph's brother, Chris, got married. It was a small family affair, just our family and their family (Chris' wife, Daphne, is from France, so none of her family was here.)

On November 30, Reese competed in her first Oireachtas. Her solo competition was on Nov 30 in New Orleans. She didn't recall (get to dance her 3rd round so she could place), but she did well and it was a good learning experience for her. And she looked adorable, as you all can see. On Saturday, she competed in the Team Competitions for Figures in 8-Hand and 4-Hand. Her 8-Hand placed 17th, and we're all very proud of those girls. They worked hard, both for figures and solos. Also, Joseph placed 6th in his competition, which qualifies him to go to Worlds in Boston next year! Very excited for him.

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