Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm

The tree farm

Reese pretending to be the Statue of Liberty

Reese and a dog that followed us for a while at the farm

Mom and Reese
We went and got our Christmas tree last week. For as long as I can remember, we've gone to the same Christmas tree farm and gotten a live tree. The tradition started long ago after Mom bought a live tree from one of those road side places, and brought it home. And as the tree warmed up, all of the little baby spiders started to come out. Yeah, sounds fun right? Never had that problem here.

Yes, it was warm enough here in Arkansas to wear shorts (if you were warm natured) and short sleeves to the tree farm. I personally am cold natured so I was in jeans and my jacket. It was in the mid-60's that day. A dog owned by the family who owns the farm followed us and played with Joseph and Reese while we wandered about looking for the tree. Soon we found one we could all agree on and brought it home. It's still sitting outside in water since pretty much everyone came down with the plague soon after (okay, not quite that bad- sinus infections, ear infection for Reese, and the sinus infection settling into the lungs, plus fever for Mom and Reese). We're still fighting that off.

And I leave you with some shots of Ana-Cherie....

Ana-Cherie is in the front row, the first one on the left in a red shirt

Ana-Cherie is there on the left, front row, by the stroller.

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