Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Pictures and Video of Ana-Cherie I Found

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That's a video we got with Ana-Cherie's referral from October 2011.

Ana-Cherie in the front row in the red pants and yellow jacket

Ana-Cherie in the pink jacket

In the pink jacket and orange pants

Ana-Cherie with a nanny (?- not sure who it is)

Ana-Cherie in the pink jacket behind the little girl with the light pink jacket and orange pants
Here's a video from Feb 3, 2013, that I found on It's of a local bank giving a donation to the Yinchuan CWI. You can see Ana-Cherie in it.

In other news, our home study has been approved by our agency! There were some hiccups due to various things, but hopefully those are behind us. Next step, sending off stuff to the USCIS so we can start this immigration paperwork. Then once all of that is done, we can get everything certified by the Chinese consulate and we can be DTC. :)

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