Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Reese dancing at the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday (it won't rotate for some reason)

Reese doing a Jig

Reese, M, and A doing a reel at the show after the parade

Reese, M, and A dancing

Dancing in the parade (sorry it's rotated)

St. Patrick's Day brings a number of performances to our neck of the woods (being Irish dancers and all). On Thursday, Reese performed with Marisa on the noon show of one of our local news stations. You can see the footage here: Marisa and Reese are there with our dance teacher, Mrs. Judy McCafferty.

Saturday brought the 14th annual Rock to North Little Rock St. Patrick's Day Parade. Reese and Joseph marched in the parade, and I rode in the back of the truck, while Dad helped carry the banner and Mom drove the truck. It's a family affair. :) After the parade, Reese and Joseph performed on a stage outside of an Irish pub at the end of the parade route. I posted some pictures of Reese dancing there above. Joseph and I then went back to Little Rock, and Joseph performed with the other senior dancers in front of Dugan's Pub.

You can see a video of Reese and other dancers from our school dancing a circle reel here:  Sorry it starts late.

Today (St. Patrick's Day), Reese performed early this morning at St. Edward's Catholic Church for their annual St. Patrick's Day Mass. Joseph is performing again this afternoon in Dugan's. Like I said, St. Patrick's Day is a busy time of year when you're an Irish dancer.

In adoption news, we finally got our copies of our home study last Wednesday (the 13th), and we sent off our paperwork to the USCIS with a copy of the home study. Now we're in a waiting position again, waiting to get our fingerprint appointments and such. We're hoping to be DTC May 1-ish.

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