Monday, May 13, 2013

Current Fundraisers

We were DTC on May 7 (almost 7 years to the day from when we submitted LOI for Reese- May 5, 2006). We're still waiting to get our LID and then starts the countdown to LOA (Letter of Acceptance or Letter Seeking Confirmation- it has a lot of names).

We currently have a couple of fundraisers going. One is through Sevenly, which is a site where you can buy super cute t-shirts with special designs that change every week. $7 of every item's price goes to the weekly charity (Love Without Boundaries this week). In addition, now you can order through this link: ,  and you can not only help the weekly charity but you can also help our adoption. We get a 12% commission from every purchase made through that link, which will go to help bring Ana-Cherie home.

Also, through May 30, we are having a Thirty-One fundraiser sale. You can access that through this link: 
Thirty-One has super cute bags, wallets, lunch totes, and such, some of which can be monogrammed or have your favorite sports team put on them. We get 25% of the sales from this, all of which will go to our adoption fund.

We were also given a grant by Brittany's Hope. It's a matching grant, so we need to raise $1000 first, then Brittany's Hope will grant us another $1000. Proceeds from our Thirty-One fundraiser will be going to this grant, and tax deductible donations can be made through this link:

Please check these fundraisers out. We really appreciate it!

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