Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Live from China

Holding my breath that Panda Pow (our VPN) will stay online long enough for me to post. It's the end our first full day in Beijing. We were up way too early trying to skype/FaceTime with home. We didn't go back to sleep. The breakfast buffet at the Novotel Beijing Peace is amazing. We found the mall down the street (Beijing APM) has six floors. And a 24 hour McDonald's with a picture menu. The three of us had lunch for less than $10. Of course, then James realized they have the mocha frappes like he gets at home.

We bought a few books at the foreign book store across from the mall.

Met our guide at one for a trip to Tiananmen Square. Then the forbidden city. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures tomorrow. We were exhausted after that, but we were booked for a one hour acrobat show. Reese and I both fell asleep after that.  Tomorrow we go to the Great Wall at mutianyu  and the pearl market.

I can't imagine not taking a few days before to get acclimated. That flight is hard and we will not be over it before we travel again. We take a high speed train to Taiyuan (Shanxi province) on Friday.   We will go to Yinchuan (ningxia province) on Sunday and get our girl on Monday.

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