Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Made it to China!

From Cheryl:

Yes we are here !
Our flight leaving Chicago was almost two hours late. 
It's a nice airport and we found our terminal ( took a shuttle bus across the property ) to get to our terminal. 

Our flight was turbulent for the first little bit leaving little rock. I forget how few times James has flown in his life. 
The flight from Chicago to Beijing was good but oh so long. We had empty rows nearby so Reese commandeered one next to us, and just slept hard for eight hours or so. 

James dozed some at first, then took over Reese's row when she got up. The anxiety meds really helped him on the end of the flight. I could see the flight wearing on him. I never did go to sleep but watched law and order:svu, the Big Bang theory, movies: the heat, jobs, and White House down. Reese watched turbo (again) and the nightmare before Christmas. 

They fed us, and fed us, and I made the mistake of drinking too much water and coke then being stuck in our seats with seat belts on due to turbulence.  

We left the plane and found very clean bathrooms without too much fanfare. The airport is HUGE. We walked forever and a day, which felt great. I am so happy we are walking today (forbidden city and Tiananmen Square). There is a huge Apple store near our hotel. 

It took us forever to find immigration. We went up there like we knew what we were doing. Reese was standing behind James and the man stood up and waved her passport. I told her the man wanted to see her. Of course then she wanted to crawl up in the booth with him.  Lol
We had to take a train to get to the luggage terminal. That was exciting. You forget, being southerners, that not everyone is as warm and friendly as you are. I see these precious little Chinese children and I want to hug them. Same goes for the Chinese grannies. 

We found our guide pretty easily when we got past the baggage area. I had to fend off two taxi drivers. My only Chinese came in handy (remember Monica? "Boo yow! Xie xie "). 

It took us forever to get an elevator to the parking level. Four of us and a luggage cart. 
They brought what looks like Scott's (Cheryl's brother-in-law) new van (but with seats ) to pick us up. It was a long drive from the airport to the hotel. Reese fell asleep again. James is glad he doesn't have to drive in China. 
Hotel is beautiful and most people speak English working here. 
We picked up my panda phone from the concierge. 

We wandered around downstairs and bought postcards. We will see how long they take to get home.
Love to all ! Going back to sleep. 

Hotel room
View from the hotel

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