Friday, November 22, 2013

Visit to Taiyuan SWI

Mom, Dad, and Reese took the train to Taiyuan from Beijing. It was a bullet train so it only took about 2.5 hours. It was a good experience. 

From Cheryl (Mom):
"I think we picked the perfect age to bring Reese back to China. The language she wasn't interested in re-learning, she is now excited about. To see her move about in crowds of people, happy and confident, not afraid, makes the two years she spent at home with her dad,  so worth it. She had not expressed any real anticipation about getting a new little sister, but now she is wanting to get her,"so I can braid her hair and put make-up on her."

I cried before we even got in the gate at the Taiyuan SWI.  Knowing that's the earliest place we know that Reese lived, knowing that Monica had  visited there in 2009, knowing that it was the decision of the people there that got Reese the care she needed, and the family that every child deserves, was emotionally overwhelming. 
I should have coached Reese more on how to act. She was not as friendly as I had hoped until we got ready to leave.  But her emotions and her actions were her way of dealing with the situation. 

As we left, we took pictures at the gate  where she was found. One picture will tear at my soul forever. The picture SHE took, with her camera, of the giraffe she had been given. On the ground, where someone placed her, soon after she was born, to be found and cared for. 

Today will be an emotional day as well. We will meet with the second foster family she had. The one here in Taiyuan. The one she considered her parents until the day Monica and I showed up to tear her away from everything she had known.

I have nothing but gratitude for the Taiyuan SWI and China Care (the organization that took care of her medical needs until she came to us). "

The giraffe Reese  was given in the lobby of the Wanda Vista

Taiyuan SWI was supposed to get a new orphanage in the next 2 years but a new mayor decided not to do that. The SWI was built in 1953. Instead, they're building this little building to house abandoned children out of the elements. They have some 600 kids in their care, many of whom have severe needs and aren't considered adoptable. But there are 60 kids from the orphanage with their files at the C3WA. 

Cats in Shanxi have great difficulty remaining white. This kitty was at the SWI. 

Faculty at the SWI
At the gates of the SWI (Reese was abandoned at these gates)
Outside the front of the SWI
Inside the SWI 

Reese at breakfast at the Wanda Vista

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Peggy said...

Thank you so much for posting the pics and the update! Our daughter was also adopted from Taiyuan, and she was so excited about seeing the playroom in the orphanage where she must have spent some time. She remembered it well and was able to tell me more of her memories.

The little building where babies can be left safely was also a good talking point for us. We've had a good, productive discussion.

Again, thank you for sharing. It's meant a lot to us!



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