Saturday, November 23, 2013

Visit with Reese's foster family

Here's a compilation of Mom's Facebook statuses from the day. 

"If you think the world is a big place, you are wrong. Strangers are just neighbors you haven't met yet. Taiyuan is now a city of 4 million people. I will post more later, but if you have any doubt about the red thread, I will make a believer out of you."

"Went to visit Reese's foster family. So many emotions. Thankful she had such a loving start. Sad for these people that they don't get to experience her every day. Thankful that james got to be there also. It's amazing to watch her processing these new situations. Less than two days until we meet our newest daughter. "

"More on the red thread-Reese takes gymnastics in Little Rock. This past summer we found out one of the coaches (Hannah) would be coming to China to teach English. In all of the places in China that she could teach....she is teaching in Taiyuan! So-we made plans to visit her yesterday. We knew that she volunteered in an orphanage but she wasn't sure of the name. She showed us a photo...IT'S THE SAME ORPHANAGE!!!!! I was so sad on Friday because I knew it would be a long time before we came back. We both has tears in our eyes when I realized that every week she helps with babies where Reese WAS a baby. It's a small world, folks, it's a small world."


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