Sunday, December 1, 2013

Guangzhou Day 2

Today we headed out of the hotel a different direction. We saw many nicer stores. Jewelry stores. Clothing stores. And people will stop and take pictures of a cute Chinese guy standing like a mannequin in a store window, with his hair spiked. We found a KFC, McDonalds, and a 7-11. We ate at the KFC. That was entertaining. After we ate james got the girls ice cream. Our snack supply has been depleted enough (four cities, plane flights, and almost two weeks in a hotel)that I needed to get some more things. We got a can of Pringles and some dove bars and Hershey bars. I hate to eat fast food, but its so much cheaper than eating in the hotel. 

We each serve our purposes for Ana-Cherie (Hong).  Reese is the one who holds her hand. James is the one who plays with her, and whom she teases endlessly. She does call him baba. We figured out today that I am "Cheryl". We think this because our guide called my name several times and of course,James  calls me that. 
Last night, both girls melted down at bedtime. And then, we realized that James's blood sugar was low. So we dealt with all the situations and went to bed with the light on and TV.  Not sure when they were turned off, but we all slept good. The beds here are so much better than the ones in Yinchuan. We have lots more room here also. This room is easily twice as big. 

We are going on a pearl river cruise this evening. I am excited about  this,since we saw the Little Couple go on one on their show. I had no idea it was so pretty. 

We plan to go back to Shamian Island tomorrow. I am hoping it will not be so crowded. We go Tuesday and pick up a few things we had made. (After our consulate appointment).

I want to take a trip to Walmart or Carrefour before we leave.  I want James to see the Chinese Walmart. 

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