Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Everyone came home by way of the Southern Region Oireachtas in DC. Reese danced well, but she didn't recall. Ana-Cherie decided she had discovered the best place ever. Sparkles, shiny things, wigs, dancing. She attended her first Irish dance class the Wednesday after they got home on Sunday and her improv is getting much more precise. 

We call her HongHong. She totally doesn't respond to Ana-Cherie. But he is nearly 6 and has been HongHong most of her life. She'll either transition or she won't. The first several nights, she passed out around 3-6 pm and woke up at 345-5 am all ready to go for the day. She's going to bed a bit later now and sleeping a bit later. 

She's about 33 lbs and about 107 cm, which I think is about 3' 4-5". She wears a 5-ish in shirts but the 4s in pants are a bit big in the waist. But anything smaller would be too short. 

She's Dad's little shadow. 

She's definitely Dad's Home Depot buddy. 

She has definitely latched on to Dad. Which is good since he's retired and Mom is going back to work on the 23rd. But she totally doesn't dig Mom at the moment. 

Daddy's little girl helping with yard work

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