Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Full Day in Guangzhou

"Today is our last full day in Guangzhou.  The name confusion for our new little one continues to be a little problem, as we are trying to make sure the plane tickets match her passport. 

Reese and I plan on getting manicures and pedicures today, because the place next door to the hotel is so cheap. $10 each for both. 

We have to make a couple of trips back to Shamian island today. We promised Reese she could spend her money to have a picture drawn of herself at one of the shops. We also left laundry at Michael's place. 

We ordered room service last night because everyone was melting down. Ana-Cherie (Hong) had a bath while we waited, and ate like a champ, then tucked herself into bed. Routine at bedtime seems really important to her. We got in late from the pearl river cruise and she broke down crying because we were going to skip her bath. Needless to say, she had her bath. She crawls into her little bed (we had them bring a rollaway) and lets me kiss her goodnight. I don't get to hold her hand while we walk, so I enjoy even more the little things she lets me do. 

The consulate appointment went fine. We were thirty minutes early, but glad we were.  I had some explaining to do about the name problem. I pulled out my gracious, apologetic, whatever you can do to help me get her home, personality (as opposed to my bulldozer personality, which I much prefer,lol), and they were very understanding. It should not even delay her visa. 
The way I remember it last time, the guide took all of the paperwork, and all we did was show up to take the oath of everything is correct, grab the passport and visa, and leave. This time our guide was not able to go in with us. We went through security, and we had to leave just about everything at the hotel. Cell phones and cameras are NOT allowed. 

We went to Walmart afterwards. It is similar to the states but so different. I took pictures there but haven't loaded them yet. 

I am excited and apprehensive about the next phase of our journey. It's a long plane ride to get home, even if you can understand English and aren't five."

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