Monday, April 30, 2007

Thank you notes

I am writing this post as a list of people I and my family would like to thank, for many different reasons: donating money, donating items for our yard sales, emotional support, help with the many different pieces of paperwork, and much more. These are the people I can think of, and to those of you I didn't know helped or I just can't pull your name out of the air right now, thank you as well and I'm sorry your name isn't here.

Thank you to:
Jean W.
Kim and Bryan R.
Charlotte W.
Paula P.
Stacey S.
Serena Johnson of China Care
Jane and Rich G.
Ginny T.
Tabatha O.

Deborah C.
Lee Ann B.
Karen Joy P.
Tiffany S.
Becky U.
Misty B.
Steve and Melinda R.
Edmond and Irene H.
Gordon G.
Rhonda P.

O.H. and Mary S.
M.J. L.
Joann I.
Jo L.
Bobby and Paula B.
Ashley G.

Wesley and Brandi M.
Oscar and Deborah F.
Stephanie B.
everyone at GWCA
everyone in the FCC-CA
Charlotte T.
Jennifer H.
"Once Upon A Lifetime" Adoption Books and DVDs
Wish Upon A Stork
Donna and Evan Ducker, authors of Buddy Booby's Birthmark
Brian and Brenda Stevens,
The folks at Dixie Cafe.
Christina Mitchell, author of Welcome Home, Forever Child
Ginny T.
Jodi M.
John and LaTasha E. of P.C. Rental & Repair in Little Rock
Professional Typing
Gail P.
Tim R.
April Dumond of Pampered Chef
Tracy Coppock, author of 46 Hour Dad
Anne O.

and others I am sure...this list will be updated often!

Thanks again!

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Stacey said...

I love your blog, Monica! I feel honored to be on your thank-you list. I am really impressed that you were able to attach the little video I made. I also really love the little slide shows. You are very talented. Reese is fortunate to have such an awesome big sister!



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