Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bathtub fun

A view of the 'free market' (nothing's free) a couple of blocks to the right of our hotel.

The road sign outside the 'free market'. If you come to Taiyuan, walk along the main road out in front of the Shanxi Grand and keep walking til you see this road sign. It's an awesome market.

View of the 'free market' from the walking away from the hotel

Drug store on the way to the 'free market'

A hotel across the street, I think it's called the Shanxi Little Grand. There's a bunch of aquariums on the 1st floor. Go to the 2nd and they have an awesome restaurant with an English/Chinese menu.

Reese KaiJin and I and the Pringles we were sharing

Reese pretending to put eye drops in my eye (we have to put them in hers)

The "eye drops" again (unopened bottle of saline solution)

Feeding me aforementioned Pringles

Jie Jie and Mei Mei

Reese with her sippy cup of Tang

Reese with her sippy cup of 'shui' (water)

This was a 'take-the-picture-don't-focus-maybe-you'll-get-a-good-shot' picture

Walking outside

Playing with her tiger 'mao'

Hate to say it, but no pictures because Jie Jie was in with her and Jie Jie is 16 years old, so...

Anyway, the last 2 nights we've given her a bath. 1st night we didn't wash her hair and she screamed and cried. Last night, we did wash her hair:she screamed and cried. Tonight, I got her involved while I was taking a shower. We bought her these little plastic cups for 12 yuan total (3 cups) from the nearby market and she put them in the bathtub and started filling them up with water and helping wash me. After a little bit, we undressed her, I turned off the shower head and stopped up the tub and she kept washing me with the cups. Then she started wiping my face off (trying to get rid of the water, because we wipe off her face) with a wet cloth. Okay, it was wet so it defeated the point, but it was the thought that counted. I was able to wash her off with the cloth and get her hair damp with it, so she's a clean duck with semi-clean hair. But either way, it was not a traumatizing experience for once. She's running around in a t-shirt I bought for her from Eureka Springs years ago and her panties, so she's happy. Oh, and her purple Crocs. So cute.

That's my big update for now.

In the 1st video, where she's playing with the gum, and I say Jie Jie ai ni, at about 1:00, you can hardly hear her, but after the 2nd time I say Jie Jie ai ni, she says wo ai ni. SO CUTE!


AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Ohhhh i'm so glad she liked bathtime today! She is so cute:)

Liene said...

Monica, Cheryl & Reese - I'm so glad things are going so well. Watching the videos I love listening to her cute little voice and how animated she is when she talks.

I've been getting online several times a day to see how things are going.


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